Construction Management Specialists

Is your construction project creating more difficult questions than you can answer?

We prepare, plan & manage your project to avoid unexpected time & cost

Architectural drawings are complete, planning is in place and it feels like you are ready to begin your construction project. Then the questions start. Are budgeted costs realistic, is enough time allocated, what about health & safety, in fact the list goes on. Whether your a self builder, developer, contractor or funder we support you, taking a project from concept to on site delivery ensuring the project does not go wrong costing you unexpected time and money. 

Step 1.

Pre-Construction Sanity Check

We review or prepare your cost plans, project programmes, co-ordination of drawings, tender process, CDM 2015, Health & safety arrangements all proportionate to your project needs. This allows us to define, quantify and finalise the delivery plan for your project.

Step 2.

Contract Preparation

Agreeing delivery terms between all project parties ensures the scope of delivery is clearly communicated pre-construction. This significantly reduces potential for disputes, cost increases and poor project performance.

Step 3.

Construction Management

We provide support through the construction phase proportionate to the contractual requirements using the right quantity surveying, project management approaches, systems and controls to ensure a smooth project delivery.

Our approach works

"70% of Project Failure risks can be mitigated"

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” Our approach is systematic, leveraging tools built through an innovation project in collaboration with the University of Kent, ensuring your controllable project risks are addressed and contractually agreed pre construction.

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