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Project Co-ordination

Working with you to understand your needs and project brief, applying expert opinion, technology and construction analytics to determine the optimum tailored support for delivery of your project on time, cost and quality.

Contract Administration

We can implement the right contractual arrangements, ensure all parties understand the terms and conditions, agree and deliver work. This allows stake holders to understand the scope and plan effectively for the efficient delivery of your project.

Principle Design

Make sure you comply with your statutory obligations according to the Construction Design Management (CDM) legislations. We can act as client agents or in an advisory capacity.


We support small builders and sub contractors with cost estimates and tendering. We can work with your Logo, provide quick turnaround if you are tendering for work, need assistance with costing and technical aspects of a construction project.

Construction Analytics

If you need to undertake a feasibility, cost or risk analysis we can help. Using our own proprietary project planning and risk management tools provides our clients with a fact basis for decision making.

Reporting & Monitoring

With a management team combining 40 years of Industry Experience & Accreditation, track record for successful service delivery and project completion, we focus on solutions for our clients always delivering excellence.

Quantity Surveying

Understand and reduce your projects construction costs, get the right contractual agreements and working practices in place and ensure cost, time and quality targets are met.

Project Management

Build a programme of works that delivers your project on time, reduce risk factors that could affect delivery targets, manage project stakeholders, open lines of communication and reduce stress.

Flexible to work with you


Making Professional Construction Management services available to individual property owners.

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Self Building, extending or undertaking works to your home is an exciting journey. Engaging a Quantity Surveyor or Project manager through this process is often overlooked because of the perceived cost. CCM offer an alternative by combining these skills sets, providing the benefits of professional construction management services to ensure cost, quality and delivery times are met.

We can work alongside your main contractor or provide a construction managed service, instructing and overseeing sub contractors for a fixed fee, reducing the risk and cost of using one main contractor.


We can work with you providing Quantity Surveying and Project Management services, package works under a fixed fee for your clients in the initial phases or at a later stage.

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We are available to provide your clients with a construction managed turnkey Build package, cost consulting and project management.

Property Developers

Solutions for a challenging Project Funding and Construction Environment.

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Time is money, when funding a development delays in delivery can significantly impact the bottom line. Moreover efficiencies in labour and material cost in a challenging construction environment can be time consuming to identify.

We work with Developers to provide valuations for finance drawdowns, quality and cost reporting, procurement strategies and associated services to reduce risk and ensure on time, on budget delivery.

Main Contractors

Whether you are looking for us to come on-board for the whole project or parts of it, we can fit into when you need us.

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We know that not all projects run smoothly and of course, it’s our preference to be involved from the start but we can come in and manage part-way through, for whatever reason required.

We’ll come straight in and pick up where things have been left, re-evaluate, review cost, review value, adjust and advise on the way forward, sorting out issues along the way.

Sub Contrators

We will help to make sure that the main contractors know all about you, what you can offer and how you work to fit in with their project.

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We will look at efficiencies to be had within your own company to enable your pricing to be as competitive as it can be, giving you the best chance at winning tenders.

Profit is the bottom line and we will work with you to ensure your margins are good and fair for the work you do.

Planning is the key to every project and we will make sure that you have the right resources to plan and administer projects – looking to save you some of the thousands of pounds lost across the industry through poor planning and inadequate communication.

Property Managers

We understand the requirement for managing stake holders, demonstrating cost efficiencies and reporting communication.

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We understand the requirement to provide stake holders with transparent working practices and demonstrating efficiencies in cost management, procurement and contractor selection. We work with Property Managers providing a flexible service work in line with your requirements, be it to deliver a programme of works and costings for a property asset, manage and monitor work being under taken for you or simply providing consultation we can help.

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